CENTROPROECO strives to enlighten and inspire people helping them preserve, restore and protect our natural environment. Working together… we CAN make a difference!

CENTROPROECO.ORG was established in 2000 as an environmental education and experience enterprise. Realising the world was approaching crisis with pollution, destruction, and climate change — we wanted to help enlighten and inspire others to take action. Determined to make a global change — we work to get people involved. 

We started with a project in El Salvador determined to preserve and protect among the finest of rainforest jungle ecosystem. Onward to a global campaign with EarthRace to show the possibilities of bio-fuel and alternate energy sources. Lately, we’ve been working to restore natives around the Noosa Bio-Sphere World Heritage Area. 

Whatever our project at hand — we welcome you to participate. Hands-on people with energy, time, and skills or others who may be hands-off contributing resources and influence to help promote our mission. We welcome your participation!


17 May 2019 — Exciting news: centroproeco.org is now the public face of ProEco Limited — a newly formed Australian public company now working to become a registered charity . Watch this space!