CENTROPROECO strives to enlighten and inspire people helping them preserve, restore and protect our natural environment. Our courses online and on location are led by seasoned experts in their fields. 

Working together… we CAN make a difference!

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CENTROPROECO.ORG was established in 2000 as an environmental education and experience enterprise. Realising the world was approaching crisis with pollution, destruction, and climate change — we wanted to help enlighten and inspire others to take action. Determined to make a global change — we work to get people involved. 

We started with a project in El Salvador determined to preserve and protect among the finest of rainforest jungle ecosystem. Onward to a global campaign with EarthRace to show the possibilities of bio-fuel and alternate energy sources. Lately, we’ve been working to restore natives around the Noosa Bio-Sphere World Heritage Area. 

Whatever our project at hand — we welcome you to participate. Hands-on people with energy, time, and skills or others who may be hands-off contributing resources and influence to help promote our mission. We welcome your participation!



Our new WordPress website is online and being populated with our older resources and articles. We’ll also add a new blog post each week with eco updates and hopefully useful information to help you live more sustainably. Thanks for visiting!


We are keen to hear from you about your projects and interests.